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Case Studies

Immigration-Friendly Nature

With over 15% of the total population comprising of immigrants, the United States is the single largest country in terms of the migrant population. However, an average of 11% of the total immigrant population takes refuge through unauthorized channels. While some unauthorized cases are for Visa expiry, others are due to the inability of the individuals to secure career prospects. Most of these are misguided by the incorrect proceedings for the US visa and residency and end up being deported.

Waiting List Woes

A staggering 3.8 million Visa requests remain pending per year for all the categories of employment-based preferences combined. A large part of these cases is, later on, denied the Visa due to untimeliness of their application process. The number of waiting list candidates fluctuates with a scope of 5% on either side. The above happens due to the lack of awareness for the filing procedure, despite the right background available. As a result, the core companies from especially the IT and technology sectors suffer major losses.

Dead Body Repatriation Expenses

The distance and weight factor for the repatriation of the dead body of the deceased are variable factors. The repatriation costs can range from $6000-$12000 or can fluctuate nearby. However, if the process is unsupported, the transportation expenses can exceed by 1/3rd of the actual cost. A delay of over 7-9 days can occur in the unassisted repatriation processes from the time of intimating the embassy to the filing of documents. The overall delay and inflated cost can be a source of further discomfort for the suffering families.

Educational Opportunities

The number of international student population turnover for the United States is over 1 million. The students contribute to around 5.5% of the total population that appears for higher education in the country. A large share of the above figure stands from the countries of Asian origin. China and India together constitute almost half the number of students that reside in the US for educational aspirations. Engineering and technical education is the preferred option for the population influx in the educational stream. Over 20% of the total international students choose Engineering or Architecture as their workstream.

Percentage of Overstay

Despite several measures, an expected share of 1-1.5% of the visitors overstays their Visa duration. The figure reflects the section of the visas issued to the visitors coming in for the purpose of business or leisure. These cases are punishable by law with immediate detention and further deportation to the native land. A variable sum of the penalty shall be charged for the individual or the group who are penalized for the cases of overstay. In most cases, the outcome is due to the lack of awareness or sheer negligence on behalf of the traveler due to a lack of professional support.

Visa Galore

The United States provides an average of 9-10 million visas across sections for a fiscal year. The category includes the immigrant and also the non-immigrant categories. With this stat, the United States stands as the country with the highest number of inbound Visa applications. However, the refusal rate for the various categories combined stands at 6-8% of the total number of applications. The stat does not include the Visas that are delayed due to improper filing or lack of procedural awareness. The assessment period for the withheld Visas can vary from a couple of weeks to a couple of months too.


On an average note, the United States immigration authority denied about 21% of total applications for the H1B Visa category. Every 5th Visa case is rejected due to the lack of right documents or assistance on behalf of the consultant firms.


Around 40% of the total visas issued under the family preference goes to the spouse and minors of the LPR.480,000 is the maximum cap of the upper limit set for the family preference visas to be issued within a fiscal year.


As per the last held ACS, the data reveals the presence of almost 45 million immigrants in the US. This contributes to almost 14% of the total US population. However, the highest share of the immigrant population at a given time in the US remains at 14.8% in the past