Systematically Organised Repatriation

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Body Repatriation

The service of transportation of the mortal remains of a deceased person is called body repatriation. Due to the intricate and emotional nature of the task, it requires an understanding of the legal procedure, paperwork, official functioning methods, and much more. First Immigration assists through the hardships for the peaceful last rites of the person in their native place

International Services

Combining our endless efforts with the Embassies, airline support, and coroner’s officers, we stand right beside you. At such a moment of distress, we extend our support and assistance to the family who’s suffered the unfortunate loss. We assist in the repatriation of the body through the international channel within the timeframe.

Domestic Services

The firm and our set of experts exhibit an in-depth understanding of the various state laws and requirements. This makes it easy to transport the mortal remains of a person passed who has passed away in one state with the family in a different state or location. First immigration holds you strong through the testing times.

We Can Help

  • Deceased person body removal and handling
  • Packaging and securing of the Deceased Body
  • Embalming of the mortal remains
  • Inter-state or International transportation
  • Specific documentation requirements
  • Roadways or air transportation facilities to the native place

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