Business Visitor Visas: B-1

Business Visitor Visas: B-1

(6 Months)

The United States has been an avenue for millions of non-immigrants for their individual purposes. The business visitor visa is issued to those candidates who wish to indulge in a commercial or business activity within the United States. Since it is non-immigrant status, hence, the visit would follow a limit time period, with an option for extension. The B-1 Visa can be issued to individuals who are:

Business Visitor Visas
  • Looking to consult with business individuals or business associates,
  • Indulge in a business or commercial activity for a limited time period in a personal capacity
  • Attend a conference of scientific or professional capacity
  • Indulge in an estate negotiation, or settle an ongoing contract negotiation
  • Function as a personal or domestic employee under the sponsorship of a US citizen
  • Appear as an athlete on an amateur or professional level for a sum of prize money

The guidelines for standing eligible for a business visitor visa are:

  • Proof of funds for the duration of visit to the US
  • The evidence that the visit to the US is a temporary one for activities listed above
  • Proof of residence for a country or place outside the US to ascertain the return
  • To ascertain that the trip is for commercial, business, or professional purpose only

The final discretion for granting the visa is in the hands of the authority. The legal documentation and process are best suited for professionals to handle, due to the variable needs for every sub-category. A delay or denial can prove to be detrimental for both the employer as well as the employee involved in the process.

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