Green Card

Green Card

(Validity: 2 years for conditional, 10 years to no limit for other cases)

The Permanent Resident Card for a citizen of other nationality migrating to the US, or also known as the Green Card, is for the individuals to live and also work legally and permanently with the United States of America. The category, known as the Legal Permanent Resident segment is for people to migrate on a legal and permanent basis to the US and have a lawful existence within the country.

Green Card

The official assistance and the authenticity of the process and intentions involved are the decisive factors for the success and hence professional aid is of utmost importance. The qualifying or eligible applicants are:

Employment-Based Immigrants

The candidates are eligible on the grounds of employment to become a green card holder for the US. The government facilitates the right candidates in more than one preference method:

  • EB-1 category for professionals with extraordinary ability, teaching or research contribution or ability, or prior holder of managerial or executive authority
  • EB-2 for individuals who have higher-order degrees in their professional fields or display higher quality of abilities to contribute
  • EB-3 for the candidates who are listed as skilled individuals or contributors to their stream or trade

Family Preference Immigrants

The category provides the facility of LPR status to the family members of the already existing LPR of the US or US citizens too. The categories are:

  • F1 for the unmarried sons and daughters (21 and above) of a lawful U.S. citizen
  • F2A for the spouse and minors of a US LPR
  • F2B for the unmarried sons and daughters (21 and above) for the US LPR
  • F3 for the children with the married status of the US citizen
  • F4 or the siblings of the U.S. citizens (21 years and above)

Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizen

The category provides the Green Card provision to the immediate members of the lawful family of a US citizen. The category is eligible for people who are:

  • Married and lawful spouse of a US citizen
  • Unmarried kids ( 21 or less) of a given US citizen
  • If the age of the US citizen is above 21, then their lawful parents

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