Employment-Based Immigrants (3rd, 4th preference)

Employment-Based Immigrants (3rd, 4th preference)

The other preference categories for the list of the immigrant visas are set as per the involved skill. The authorities are strict about the documentation involved and hence, professional assistance is prioritized. The employment visas could be delayed by months if the right support is not observed which is highly detrimental to individual careers. The constituent categories are:

Employment-Based Immigrants

Employment Third Preference (E3 & EW3)

(Validity: 2 years)

The particular category requires the right form and documents of employment. It involves employing firms or employers too. The labor certification also remains mandatory to be considered. The constituent skills among which one is required in an individual are:

  • Prior job experience as a skilled worker in a permanent job for over 2 years
  • Baccalaureate degree or its equivalent qualifications holder from a recognized US or foreign university of significant reputation to qualify as a professional
  • Any job position of permanent nature that needs an experience of two years or less is available for unskilled workers

Employment Fourth Preference (E4)

(Validity: 24 months)

The applicant for the category falls under the category of the “Certain Special Immigrants”. The beneficiary shall include the petition with the prior approval for the status of Amerasian or Widow/Widower. The various number of subgroups under the given preference would include:

  • U.S. Broadcasters under the IBB of the Broadcasting Board of Governors
  • Current Former Employees of the U.S. Government on foreign soil
  • Former Employees or working members of the Panama Canal Company
  • Certain Former U.S. employees under the Panama Canal Zone
  • Iraqi and Afghan interpreters for the U.S. with 12 months service at least with the forces
  • Iraqi and Afghan nationals of important service for the U.S. government (additional guidelines as per government discretion)
  • Certain individuals who are Foreign Medical Graduates
  • Selective international organization related Retired Employees and their unmarried kids
  • The Spouse of a deceased International Organization Employee
  • Special Immigrant Juveniles
  • Enlisted to Servants of the U.S. Armed Forces recruited outside the US
  • Certain retired NATO-6 civilians and their children
  • The Spouse of a deceased NATO-6 civilian
  • Beneficiaries of petitions or labor certification applications

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