Tourism Visitor Visas: B-2

Tourism Visitor Visas: B-2

(6 Months)

The United States has an open stance when it comes to visa acceptance for tourism and travel purposes of personal, non-commercial nature. The visa issued would be a limited period one with an option for an extension, given the right circumstances and specified need. The individuals traveling to the United States need to assure of these certain reasons to belong to the B-2 category:

Tourism Visitor Visas
  • Entering the United States for Tourism
  • Coming in for a Vacation
  • An interaction or visit to friends or family
  • Medical treatment of new or ongoing nature of the task
  • Social events participation
  • Non-commercial participation in the events of music, sports, art, or similar kind of activities
  • Participation in a recreational or short term course, not withholding degree or educational significance (cooking courses, dance courses, etc)

Much like the close companion in the form of B-1 Visa for business visitors, the guidelines are:

  • Proof of funds for the duration of visit to the US
  • The evidence that the visit to the US is a temporary one for activities listed above
  • Proof of residence for a country or place outside the US to ascertain the return
  • To ascertain that the purpose of the visit is non-commercial and only personal pleasure or involvement

The visa section can be quite tricky due to ambiguous needs for visits and the motive of the visit involved. Hence, the right set of guidelines through professional assistance ensure the submission and processing in a timely fashion.

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