Work Permit

Work Permit

(General Validity: 1 year, varying upon the duration of stay)

Given that a person is in the United States as:

  • A presently active applicant for the immigrant status for the United States
  • A family member of an individual who is present under the non-immigrant status
Work Permit

The person can apply or shall be needed to apply for the Employment Authorization Document (the EAD) for work and employment criteria and privileges within the United States. The application for the EAD is also to reflect the status of the candidate that can allow the person to conduct seamless professional endeavors or work within the United States.

The criteria to be met for the individual to apply for the EAD are:

  • If the applying individual is allowed for working ability within the US through their immigration status (such as an asylee, refugee, or with the status of a U nonimmigrant)
  • The person who has the need for an employment status needs to apply for the EAD themselves with due reason. For example:
    • A due application or procedure for the status of Permanent Residence
    • A pending or ongoing application for Asylum
    • The already existing non-immigrant status for the person is not the right category to allow employment or workability within the United States

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