Student and Exchange Visa

Student and Exchange Visa

Education and exchange remain the most prominent prospect for inviting foreign nationals to the United States. If the visit is solely for the purpose of the educational process, the categories F and M are to be adhered to for Visa. Whereas for the student exchange programs through the proper channel, the J category is significant.

Student and Exchange Visa

A lot of inflow for the educational streams such as Engineering, Medicine and Research, Arts, and other major identities is observed. However, these need the right support from the enrollment institutes with various paperwork to support candidature. These tasks necessarily need professional guidance for timely application and acceptance.

Student Visa (F, M)

(Maximum Validity: 5 years, depending upon the duration of educational course)

Depending upon the stream of education and the type of the courses involved, the category can be either F or M. However, it is carefully noted that any educational activity under the visitor’s visa is not allowed and can lead to deportation.

F Category:

  • Private elementary school
  • High School
  • University or college
  • Seminary
  • Conservatory
  • Auxiliary training and educational institutes (along with the language learning and training programs as well)

M Category:

  • Any institute or organization which is non-academic in nature
  • Vocational Courses

Exchange Visa (J)

(Maximum Validity: 7 Years)

The Exchange Visitor program in the United States is a way to promote and accept the exchange of thoughts and ideas through the exchange of individuals from different fields of study and practices. The individuals from important sections such as Science, Arts, Research, Medical Development, Research and Education, Training and Teaching, etc. are promoted. The important part is to include these individuals for observation, consultation, research, and sharing of the knowledge and ideas to propagate the diversity. 

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