Temporary Worker Visas

Temporary Worker Visas

These are issued to individuals who are looking to engage in a limited period interact of professional, skilled, or commercial nature with a U.S. organization or employer. Given the variety of tasks and professional capacities involved, the supporting tasks and official processing varies largely. The involved categories for the temporary worker visas are:

Temporary Worker Visas

H-1B Visa

( Initial Validity: 3 years, Extendable up to 6 years)

This visa is applicable to the eligibility of qualified professionals in the United States. These individuals shall possess the expertise of technical, theoretical, or practical kind for the concerned field. Elements such as IT, engineering practices, accounting and consultation, science and medicine, architecture, and other similar tasks stand valid. The involvement of an employer is of utmost importance, individuals cannot directly apply for themselves. The eligibility comes under:

  • Minimum Bachelor’s or higher degree or it’s equivalent for qualification
  • The degree requirement for the job should be common to the individual’s degree.

H-2A Visa (Temporary Agricultural Worker)

(Stay Validity: 3 years)

The Visa is for individuals who are to qualify for temporary or seasonal agricultural work. However, the opportunity for application is provided only to citizens or nationals of designated countries. If the exceptions are in the larger interest for agriculture in the United States, consideration is given.

O Visa (Person with Extraordinary Ability)

(Validity: 3 years)

The field of arts, science, technology, and more comes under the category. The superior or extraordinary ability from participating or working individuals is a must. Individuals who hold certain extraordinary recognized accolades in television fields, that is of domestic or international significance. Individuals for essential services to these categories are an inclusive part too.

Q-1 Visa (Individuals under the international cultural exchange scheme)

Individuals willing to indulge in training and employment to share the history, and cultural values of their native land. The process to take place through the international cultural exchange program.

L Visa (Intra-company Transferee)

(Validity: 3 years)

For individuals who stand as an executive ranked or managerial candidate to indulge in a professional capacity with their current employer at their branch, subsidiary, or parent group. Prior experience of 1 year more with the same organization in the last 3 years before the application is mandatory.

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