Employment Creation/Investors & Religious Workers

Employment Creation/Investors & Religious Workers

Foreign Investors and employment creation (C5, T5, R5, I5)

(Validity: 5 years)

Employment Creation/Investors

Employment creation and fund investment remain an integral part of the progressive US mindset. In order to meet those, the visas are also segregated for foreign investors who seek an immigrant status. However, certain criteria set by the government are strictly adhered to while the evaluation of candidature. These fall under the fifth preference for the procedure for employment-based immigration to the United States. The categories are listed as:

  • The C5 category for investors to create employment opportunities outside the targeted area
  • The T5 category for the opportunity to create employment within a rural or affected high unemployment region
  • R5 category for the Investor Pilot Program which is directed outside the targeted area
  • I5 category for the Investor Pilot Program which is directed inside the targeted area

It should be noted that the immigrant investor has a set of criteria to follow to be considered for the above categories:

  • An investment of either $1,000,000 outside the targeted area or $500,000 within the targeted area from an un-borrowed source of money.
  • Jobs for at least 10 or more US citizens or the LPRs

Religious Workers (SD & SR)

(Entry Validity: 6 months)

The department of homeland security works in tandem with the USCIS on this one to judge the status and authority of the organization and the probable religious worker. The SD category stands for the individuals who are the ministers of a specific religion. The SR category stands for individuals who are certain religious workers. The individual should have:

  • The membership in the religion that exercises a bona fide denomination in the US for which they practice.
  • Prior experience of the vocational reach of the teachings or practices that are to be carried out in the US.
  • For the SD category, the only purpose of arrival in the US should be the ministry for the religion
  • For the SR category, the only idea should be religious vocation or occupation either as a professional or under a non-professional capacity.

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