The Immigration process for Family Members

The Immigration process for Family Members

The family members of either a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent resident (green card holder) of the country can hold an immigration visa. The procedure for the Immigration visa has to be filed under the sponsorship of the US citizen or the permanent resident.

Immigration Process

The main facts to be considered for the application to go through would be:

  • The sponsor is of legal age (21 years and above)
  • The sponsor is an immediate relative of the individual for the concerned IV application
  • The sponsor is a lawful permanent resident with the right status for sponsorship

Family Members of U.S. Citizens

The criteria shall include the directly related family members for a US citizen and also the certain distant relatives. With the right sponsorship from the U.S. citizen concerned, the visa can be applied for

  • Legal aged and unmarried children (21& above) of a U.S. citizen fall under the need for IR-2 or CR-2. (Immediate relative)
  • The lawful parents of a U.S. citizen, whose age is 21 years and above, fall under the IR-5 (Immediate relative)
  • The rightful and unmarried children a U.S. citizen, also including their minor children with F1 category (Immediate relative)
  • Married children of the U.S. citizen, their spouses, and also their minors with F3 under the family preference category
  • Directly related sibling of the adult U.S. citizen, their spouses, and the minors with F4 under the family reference category

Certain Family Members of Lawful Permanent Residents

The scope for the family members of the lawful permanent resident (green card holder) is relatively limited. The availability of the visa possibility is only either for the spouse or the unmarried son or daughter of the lawful permanent resident.

  • The F2A category of preference for the spouse or an unmarried child (less than 21 years)
  • The F2B category of preference for an unmarried child (more than 21 years).

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